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SBCGlobal Email Support.

SBCGlobal and Customer Service Email Chat.

To contact support for SBCGlobal Email, Bellsouth Email or AT&T Email Login problems, see the contact options below:,

The ATT forum at includes a search function, which makes it easier to find questions and answers that relates to the issue you are experiencing.

You can also connect to a AT&T representative, that can help you with Email and SBCGlobal Email login problems. Do the following:

Go the ATT Password Reset page, at, and click on the ‘Help’ button,  on the right side of the screen, then on the next screen click on the Chat button.

  • Do a Search for “Chat to representative”.
  • Write ‘Email’.
  • Click on ‘AT&T Internet’.
  • Enter your First Name, and you will get shortly be connected with a ATT representative.

SBCGlobal Phone Number and ATT Email Support Phone Numbers.

You can also call these ATT support phone numbers:

  • Call the AT&T email customer service phone number at 1-800-288-2020 for SBCGlobal and ATT Email password reset or email login issues.
  • Call the AT&T’s Toll-free customer service phone number on: 1-888-333-6651 for general questions and queries.
  • Call the account support line on: 1-800-331-0500 for AT&T account support.

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  1. I apologize, I did not realize there was going to be a charge to get help. We can’t afford to spend more money. We will have to take this phone to the att store where we purchased it.
    Thank you for your time.

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