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  1. Numerous attempts and temporary passwords do not work. Followed the recommended steps exactly. What has happened to my email? No access to email for 4 days!

    1. We suggest the following steps for Bellsouth.net and SBCGlobal.net Login issues:

      Try logging in from another computer or mobile phone to identify the problem.
      Clearing cache and cookies in your browser is recommended. – sometimes old data can cause login issues.
      Update your browser to the newest version – some settings require the newest version of the browser.
      Disable internet browser tools, add-ons, pop-up blockers and malware blockers.
      Enable your Adobe Flash Player, if disabled.
      Make sure Java is up-to-date.

  2. Do you have anyone who can give support on a SBCglobal email account.
     https://digitallocker.att.net does not work.

    I have spent so many hours and found several ATT sites that are no longer working.
    Please give me a call – I am under so much stress over this account.

    I have had SBC for many years and don’t want to lose it or my files.

    Can you please assist? I am an ATT customer.


    Please respond.

    B Case

    1. We suggest that you contact a AT&T Community Specialist on the ATT Community forum at forums.att.com, then search the forum for “Sbcglobal”. You can also ask a question at https:// forums.att.com/conversations/new

  3. I’ve been trying for about a week to login into my sbcglobal.net email and it won’t let me get in. I even tried different computers, Mac and Windows and nothing. Please help

    1. If you have a AT&T internet account tied to your email, you can change/reset your password by following these steps:

      Log in to your AT&T account.
      Choose Profile > myAT&T sign in Password.
      Enter and save your password details.

      If you have a free email account, you can reset the password at the email reset page.

      Go to the Forgot Password page at https://m.att.com/my/#/forgotLoginLanding?Flow_Indicator=FPWD.
      Enter your User Name or email address.
      Enter your Last Name.
      Follow the directions.

      If you are can’t change your password this way, the please contact support using the Chat Function on the ATT Support website, or visit Att.com/support/topic/email-support. Alternatively, contact a representative at forums.att.com.

  4. I tried to log in to my sbcglobal email at the signin field, but the whole screen is just blinking on and off and does not allow me to enter characters.

  5. Same problem. Blinking background, can’t click into the SBCGlobal login dialogue box, it just keeps flashing and bouncing me out of the dialogue box.

    1. Same problem. no forwarding of sbcglobal.net yahoo email.Why? all previous yahoo contacts are lost….usually pop up…..what a mess for ATT conversion.

  6. I don’t need to change my password, I need this site to work! I pay for this email service every month as a part of my bill and I want access to my email account. HOW DO I LOG IN? WHY HAVE THEY TAKEN AWAY MY LOG IN ABILITIES? Can I get in or do I need to switch to a different internet carrier?


  8. I’ve had an sbcglobal.net email account for decades. I have repeatedly tried to login. What are you doing that we can’t log in?

  9. August 4, 2020
    I have followed Login Helps and cannot even get to anything that would let me reset my password. I always get this message:
    IBM in left upper corner:Access DeniedFBTOIC106E Invalid state./sps/oidc/rp/ATT-HBO-RP/redirect/Yahoo

    Error detailsYou are not permitted to access /sps/oidc/rp/ATT-HBO-RP/redirect/Yahoo. If you believe you have received this message in error, contact the site administrator.

    Should I make a phone call for help?

  10. I am trying to verify/report a very official looking email supposedly from ATT that says:

    “Starting from the 6th, of August 2020, att.net customers will no longer be
    able to log in to their email and AT&T billing accounts through email
    addresses with the following domains: att.net, sbcglobal.net, bellsouth.net,
    pacbell.net, prodigy.net, ameritech.net, swbell.net, snet.net, flash.net,
    nvbell.net and wans.net.”

    Customers will have to Verify their email address to confirm if they have
    been allocated a different domain or not.

    Visit: AT&T Online to Verify your new platform”

    Is this a legitimate email? If not, how do I report it?

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