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  1. Numerous attempts and temporary passwords do not work. Followed the recommended steps exactly. What has happened to my email? No access to email for 4 days!

    1. We suggest the following steps for Bellsouth.net and SBCGlobal.net Login issues:

      Try logging in from another computer or mobile phone to identify the problem.
      Clearing cache and cookies in your browser is recommended. – sometimes old data can cause login issues.
      Update your browser to the newest version – some settings require the newest version of the browser.
      Disable internet browser tools, add-ons, pop-up blockers and malware blockers.
      Enable your Adobe Flash Player, if disabled.
      Make sure Java is up-to-date.

        1. I cannot sign in to Yahoo for my email, it tells me my user name and/or password is invalid and the security questions answers are wrong. They are not wrong and I want to keep my user name and password.

    2. We are having the same issues…cannot sign in to our account since before Christmas and it is now Jan. 6, 2022. One phone conversation with a tech said if we paid $200 they could get the account back, then offered if we took him up immediately he would take off $40! BS, still don’t have my sbcglobal account functional.

  2. Do you have anyone who can give support on a SBCglobal email account.
     https://digitallocker.att.net does not work.

    I have spent so many hours and found several ATT sites that are no longer working.
    Please give me a call – I am under so much stress over this account.

    I have had SBC for many years and don’t want to lose it or my files.

    Can you please assist? I am an ATT customer.


    Please respond.

    B Case

    1. We suggest that you contact a AT&T Community Specialist on the ATT Community forum at forums.att.com, then search the forum for “Sbcglobal”. You can also ask a question at https:// forums.att.com/conversations/new

    2. I have the same problem. ATT TECH SUPPORT is mostly in Manilla Phillipines. I can’t under stand a word they say.
      My blood pressure goes so high.
      I’m still waiting to get on my sbcglobal.net.

    1. You are so right. They will take your $$$ each month and offer NOTHING in return. Looking to change everythimg from ATT to some place reliable

      1. visible is cheaper 40 a month for unlimited everything and you can watch netflix — and if you get other people, get 4 people and it is only 25 a month

  3. I’ve been trying for about a week to login into my sbcglobal.net email and it won’t let me get in. I even tried different computers, Mac and Windows and nothing. Please help

    1. If you have a AT&T internet account tied to your email, you can change/reset your password by following these steps:

      Log in to your AT&T account.
      Choose Profile > myAT&T sign in Password.
      Enter and save your password details.

      If you have a free email account, you can reset the password at the email reset page.

      Go to the Forgot Password page at https://m.att.com/my/#/forgotLoginLanding?Flow_Indicator=FPWD.
      Enter your User Name or email address.
      Enter your Last Name.
      Follow the directions.

      If you are can’t change your password this way, the please contact support using the Chat Function on the ATT Support website, or visit Att.com/support/topic/email-support. Alternatively, contact a representative at forums.att.com.

  4. I tried to log in to my sbcglobal email at the signin field, but the whole screen is just blinking on and off and does not allow me to enter characters.

  5. Same problem. Blinking background, can’t click into the SBCGlobal login dialogue box, it just keeps flashing and bouncing me out of the dialogue box.

    1. Same problem. no forwarding of sbcglobal.net yahoo email.Why? all previous yahoo contacts are lost….usually pop up…..what a mess for ATT conversion.

  6. I don’t need to change my password, I need this site to work! I pay for this email service every month as a part of my bill and I want access to my email account. HOW DO I LOG IN? WHY HAVE THEY TAKEN AWAY MY LOG IN ABILITIES? Can I get in or do I need to switch to a different internet carrier?


  8. I’ve had an sbcglobal.net email account for decades. I have repeatedly tried to login. What are you doing that we can’t log in?

  9. August 4, 2020
    I have followed Login Helps and cannot even get to anything that would let me reset my password. I always get this message:
    IBM in left upper corner:Access DeniedFBTOIC106E Invalid state./sps/oidc/rp/ATT-HBO-RP/redirect/Yahoo

    Error detailsYou are not permitted to access /sps/oidc/rp/ATT-HBO-RP/redirect/Yahoo. If you believe you have received this message in error, contact the site administrator.

    Should I make a phone call for help?

  10. I am trying to verify/report a very official looking email supposedly from ATT that says:

    “Starting from the 6th, of August 2020, att.net customers will no longer be
    able to log in to their email and AT&T billing accounts through email
    addresses with the following domains: att.net, sbcglobal.net, bellsouth.net,
    pacbell.net, prodigy.net, ameritech.net, swbell.net, snet.net, flash.net,
    nvbell.net and wans.net.”

    Customers will have to Verify their email address to confirm if they have
    been allocated a different domain or not.

    Visit: AT&T Online to Verify your new platform”

    Is this a legitimate email? If not, how do I report it?

  11. Same here new laptop and no email. I usually dont comment, but this is rediculous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They need to fix this problem now, it looks like it has gone for months. I talked to rep on Best Buy site and he said it is up to
    Geek Squad to help with it. Ive been trying for 2 weeks to fix something that I didnt know was a ATT glitch. I had 3 others also try to help also. The least they could do is let people know it is a problem they are working on and not make someone go crazy trying to fix themselves!!!!!!! Really dissappointed with Att. Really turns me off to changing from Verizon to Att phone service. NOY NOW! Wow, now they want my email and name to process. I guess their side works fine.

  12. The help pop-up “Conversation” as it is labeled doesn’t help my question.

    Here is the situation – I am going to URL

    On that page is a button “Go to ATT.net Login” – I click it and another browser tab opens with login prompts for username and email.

    ONLY – it is flashing (refreshing) every 1 to 2 seconds and thus will not allow you to even finish typing the username, much less the required username and password, before the flash happens and the text is gone. Thus, no way to log in. Can you please direct me to where i can actually log in??? I am trying to login to sbcglobal.net domain. That would help significantly! Please respond to [email protected] if you do have a good URL or if you fix this bug.

    Thank you, Scott Hartman

    1. You are right. We have noticed this problem as well.It is an ongoing problem with the AT&T server.
      The solution to this is: On mobile phones, open the login page in a Private Tab or Incognito Mode in your browser. Hold down or right click the “Go to ATT.net Login” button, and choose “Open Link in Private Tab”.
      On laptops, open the page in the Mozilla internet browser, and hit “ESC” or click on the “X” to stop loading.
      On laptops, you can also open the Google cached version here: http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:fYSD8zBrhSMJ:https://digitallocker.att.net/&hl=en&gl=en&strip=0&vwsrc=0. This should work.
      Lastly, you can try accessing through: signin.att.com.

  13. I have not been able to get into my email for days now. I have called and emailed several times a day. I am really fed up with their promises to fix within the next 24 hours..When I call back I am told the same thing. IAM CONTACTING A LAWYER AS WELL AS SEVERAL OTHER GOVERNMENT AGENCIES THAT I THINK MIGHT HELP LAST CHANCE AT&T

  14. Just like everyone else who has commented before me I can’t get into my email. We just recovered from a week long power outage so haven’t seen my email in almost 2 weeks. You’ve posted a million different things and sites to visit but nothing works. What do I do now?


    1. looks like several of us ae having a problem. The ATT tech support system really sucks. I am trying to get my email on lap top and phone to sync up with the web based email. Not sure what the hell happened but spent easily 4 hours trying to use the ATT website to fix. You get sent links that do not link to anything. Then I called the 800 number on the line with some on for 40 minutes and then got transferred to tech support that just rang and rang and disconnected

  15. I am having huge problems and ATT tells me they are working on the sbcglobal.net problems. When will it be fixed? I am dead in the water for my business! I have no longer any link to Outlook servers. This just happened all of a sudden a few weeks ago when Windows 10 updated. Please help!!

  16. The behemoth known as ATT has once again held loyal customers hostage. It’s time to call them out on social media. This is BEYOND SENSELESS to leave customers with no communication for something as important as email.

  17. cant sign in or change the pass code. they are sending a verification code to the very email address that i can not open

  18. I have 3 separate @sbcglobal.net email accounts. I was able to see all of them whenever I pulled up the Currently.com site and was able to log out and toggle effortlessly between them. About a week+ ago, something changed. I no longer could see the full list but was still able to backdoor around and access them all. However, as of the middle of last week, now, once I enter one email address in to check emails, it is locked in place and I cannot access any other email. I have clicked the option to “Add Another Account/ User”, and, after entering my @sbcglobal.net username, hit Next, it takes me back to the home Currently page where the original email is still open even though I have logged out multiple time. Never once am I prompted for the password. I am at a loss. I even did a restart thinking that would help. No such luck. I cleared by history, cookies, etc. Still no luck.

  19. I received an email from sbcglobal.net Online services<443xxxx @kpnmail.nl:
    It stated my account was outdated and has reached expiry Due date. Advised to switch to new version. I believe this is a scam but want you to be aware of it.

  20. Have tried for a week to reach my sbcglobal emails! I had considered dropping it and now am pretty sure that I will! What a quick way to lose customers. (I see that this has been going on with some people for months!!)

  21. The login for sbcglobal.net email is ridiculous. Why does it reload every 5 seconds? It doesn’t give you enough time to enter your email or PW. WTF? You need to fix this shit. I’ve tried it 2 different browsers and tried it in an incognito widow as well. Nothing works. This is terrible.

  22. I’m getting mail on my phone fine, but I can’t log on from my desktop. The specific sbc login link above connects to an error page. I normally log in through the yahoo page, but that freezes up at log in.

  23. Can not get into my sbcglobal.net email account which I have had for over 40 years. After signing in with my email address and password using either chrome, firefox, or edge, I get error code 205.4 What gives? My email works fine on my Iphone. Gone on for a least a month. There seems to be no way to get a real, live, person on the phone to handle this.

  24. I now primarily use gmail, but I keep getting popups telling me to enter a new password for sbcglobal. My research indicates I need to do something with ATT. I do not use ATT. How do I get rid of this nuisance. I have files on sbc. How do I retain them when I eliminate sbcglobal.net which was a Yahoo account. Please call me and walk me through this or get me onto a chat line.

  25. I cannot understand how any company can collect payments for service they do not provide. If I don’t pay the bill my credit score suffers. So ATT , Yahoo, Sbc or what ever you are calling your self today for the love of all that one can manage read peoples frustrations. Check your broken links. Above all just do your job. Just provide a sign in link that actually works. Is that really to much to ask?

  26. Has anyone been able to resolve their access problem to SBCglobal.net email?? I too am experiencing the same problem. Have tried to chat with a virtual assistant who passed me on to a supervisor. Still no access on my computer.





  28. SBCglobal.net used to have a system that worked, but alas it has been improved to the point that it no longer works. Thanks for screwing up an email system that has worked well for years.

  29. that page keeps booting in and out. you try to sign in and it restarts then when you do
    get to the point where you can add. you do not get in. not recognized. also, the att support currently att.com said to try att.com/olam and it takes you to the user id and password and you cannot get in. not recognized. help. i miss my att/yahoo mail

  30. How do I access an old sbcglobal.net email? I no longer have att for service, but need an important email from this old account. Any ideas how to do this?

  31. Still cannot log in to my sbcglobal email account. Now I have been locked out for too many failed attempts. I have been locked out for weeks now! Attempts to change password have failed because it will not accept my answers to the security questions. I’m at a loss on what to do. I don’t want to lose my email account. Someone please help!

  32. I did not know this has been an ongoing problem until after reading all of the above comments. Earlier this week, I could no longer receive emails on my sbcglobal.net account on my iPad. However, I could still get email on my iPhone. Today, I logged into my PC and tried to send an email from my sbcglobal.net account. It would not send. It kept wanting my password. I found the AT&T login site for sbcglobal.net accounts, but I could not remember my password. So, I tried to reset it. My security questions came up, and I know I answered them correctly, but I got an Invalid message. The first person I chatted with reset my password to a temporary number. I tried logging in with that and it did not work. Because of him doing that, now I can’t get email on my iPhone!! What a mess. I chatted with another person, and she said they have a glitch in their system and try later. Then I find all of these messages about the same issues I am having.

    I think, because the sbcglobal.net email accounts are free, this is AT&T’s way at blocking our access, so we will have to pay for email. I think it’s criminal where we cannot access important emails, files, etc……AND ESPECIALLY CRIMINAL, that they have blocked access to answering our security questions correctly!!

  33. What the heck!! I did what I was asked and I can no longer get to my sbcglobal mail!! All my addresses are there, addresses going back almost 20 years. I have no idea how I’m going to manage this close to the hoildays! As if this year hasn’t been stressful enough. AT&T, you…

  34. I too, have been severely affected and can’t get critical emails. Please add me to the class action lawsuit when there is one.

  35. I have been unable to access my e- mail account no matter what I do.I cannot receive a verification code if I can’t get into my email account.I have entered my email address and my password.
    Please advise me how to get my mail.

  36. Where are my emails. I havent received any emails in 2 days. Who do i contact? This is ridiculous! I need my emails.

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