8 thoughts on “SBCGlobal and ATT Customer Service Phone Numbers and Contacts

  1. I cannot login to my email at sbcglobal.net I need support to reset my password. I misplaced my answers to my two questions.

    i can be reached at xxxxxxx @cityofdevine.com this is an alternate email

  2. I cannot get into my email because I cannot create the 3rd party app password because the option is not in security settings.

  3. We have left messages here before, but no one has gotten back to us. AT&t corporate store has said we needed to contact you. please help us. My wife phone will no longer connect to e-mail.

  4. Hi. I just got a new phone and the employee at the TMobile store can not access my sbcglobal.net email domain because I can’t remember my password and the personal questions from about 20 years ago. I got locked out yesterday for 24 hours because I couldn’t remember the name of the first car I drove. Thank you for your help restoring my email.

  5. I have the same problem described above and cannot speak with anyone via phone to resolve the issue! Is there a customer service team or person?

  6. I have the same problem as others who posted: I cannot login to my email sbcglobal account that I’ve had for years. The password change feature will not allow me to change my password. All I get is a bunch of error messages about trying too many times and not having enough information about my account. I am totally frustrated because there is no customer service number that gives you a live person (technician) to help resolve the issue. I am disappointed with A T & T. If by chance this email reaches someone who cares.

  7. Same issue. Tried to call and chat to make changed and denied by ATT because I do not an active billing account associated with this email. Sorry AT&T. I got rid of my DSL like a decade ago!!!

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